Thanks to our long experience in this field, we offer you in EASY EXPORT the advantage of giving franchises and exclusive agencies to all Turkish establishments in their various fields (restaurants, cafes, and all Turkish brands) to all countries of the world if available.

Franchise is defined as a contractual agreement between the trademark owner and the current operator (the franchisee), and based on this relationship, the trademark owner is licensed to own and operate it by the franchisee, who, in turn, pays some of the funds agreed in the franchise agreement, In exchange for the use of intellectual property rights, trademark and marketing plan

Restaurant franchises always rank high, if not first, on the lists of the most profitable franchises.

Most of the franchising brands have a solid footing in the market and a solid reputation, especially when it comes to restaurant franchises.


This commercial reputation would help you as a franchisee to attract customers, and then obtain a profit quickly. Most types of franchises are equal in this, of course, but it is something special for franchising restaurants more due to the strength of the brands operating in this field.
It is also known that obtaining the rights to franchise a brand may help you in obtaining high levels of customer loyalty; They, for example, are dealing with a well-established and reputable brand, they have dealt with it before, so there is no need to turn their backs on it.
Investing in a franchise does not have big risks, and therefore there is no fear that the market will not accept your project or the product you offer, because the brand has been in the market for years.
There is no need to search for and train a staff, the brands that we offer you the possibility to contract with, support your project with the brand name, management and trained labor.

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بالإضافة إلى كافـة خدمات ترجمة البنـود والاتفاقيـات وعـرض خدمات الشـركات العميلة على المسـتثمرين والتنسـيق بين الطرفين
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