Turkey: A Leading Source for Global Iron Supply

Iron, in its general form, holds immense importance in industries and construction, playing a crucial role in various local and international productions.

Turkey stands out robustly in the field of iron industry, serving as a source for many countries worldwide. The United States, categorizing as the largest importer of Turkish iron, is followed by several European countries such as Germany, Britain, and the Netherlands.

It’s worth noting that Turkey’s iron industry has deep historical roots, beginning in the late 1930s. By 2017, Turkey secured the eighth position globally in iron production, with an estimated production quantity exceeding 37.5 million tons annually. However, due to the substantial costs and equipment required, many countries with weak economies close their iron industry factories.

Stages of Turkish Iron Industry and Prominent Factories:

Iron is manufactured in Turkey by skilled craftsmen and specialists. The process involves extraction from mines and rocks, followed by mining operations that remove deposits and purify the iron substance. Finally, it undergoes treatment to become ready for use in various industries such as automobiles, construction, furniture, and weaponry. These processes take place in specialized factories, with Istanbul and Bursa being significant hubs. Some notable factories include:

  1. Modern Steel Factory:
    • Located in Karabuk, Turkey, this major factory produces iron and steel. Established about 39 years ago, it exports and sells iron to approximately 100 countries.
  2. Kaptandemir Company:
    • Specializing in the production of steel in Istanbul within the Eskudar region.
  3. Bastugcelik Company:
    • Specialized in the production of reinforcing iron.
  4. Morat Company:
    • Established in the 1980s, it has extensive experience in various iron constructions, including rolled iron, reinforcing iron, and industrial iron.
  5. Aygunsan Company:
    • Focuses on producing the finest types of construction iron in the country.
  6. Yucelboru Company:
    • Specializes in the manufacturing of iron products.

Best Types of Iron and Their Uses:

Considering iron as a cornerstone in most crucial industries, with its involvement in various fields, there are several types of iron tailored to specific industries. Turkey provides the best types, including:

  • Ordinary Mild Iron: Also known as Iron 35, indicating its tensile strength of 35 kg/mm². It is used in light metal constructions, and its specifications include a smooth surface, multiple formability, easy transport, and the formation of wrinkles during the rolling process.
  • Stored Tourist Iron: Referred to as Iron 52, denoting a tensile strength of 52 kg/mm². Used in heavy constructions, it comes in the form of plates and is for one-time use only.

Other types include high-strength iron, seismic-resistant iron, and cold-drawn iron.

How to Import Iron from Turkey:

Due to the quality of manufacturing and attention to durability, many investors and business owners opt to import iron from Turkey for various industries. However, there are certain conditions and documents required:

  • Import card.
  • Commercial or industrial record.
  • Tax card.
  • Payment proof from the bank.
  • General proof of customs clearance from the Chamber of Commerce.

Regarding the method of importation, there are three options:

  1. Importing by Traveling to Turkey:
    • Pros: The ability to personally inspect and directly choose iron from the source.
    • Cons: High costs associated with travel expenses.
  2. Importing Online:
    • Pros: Flexibility in ordering from home.
    • Cons: Inability to inspect iron directly.
  3. Importing Through a Trading Intermediary:
    • Pros: Hiring an expert intermediary to handle all details, from importing iron to customs clearance, ensuring a secure process.