The scented tissue production line is a manufacturing process used to produce scented tissues with a distinctive fragrance. The line involves several crucial stages, starting with the preparation of raw materials, typically suitable paper and scented and disinfectant chemicals. These materials are then passed through various machines to cut, fold, and assemble them into the form of tissues.

Initially, paper rolls are loaded onto a cutting machine that divides them into small pieces suitable for tissues. Subsequently, the pieces pass through a folding machine that folds them into multi-layered tissue shapes. The next stage involves adding the scented and disinfectant substance, where a spraying machine evenly sprays the scented liquid onto the tissues. Afterward, the scented tissues are assembled into appropriate packaging, such as boxes or plastic packs.

This process is controlled by advanced automation systems that ensure the final product’s quality and production efficiency. After completing these steps, scented tissues undergo inspection to ensure they meet required specifications before being appropriately packaged and wrapped for distribution and sale.

In summary, the scented tissue production line is a comprehensive manufacturing process involving cutting, folding, adding scented substances, assembly, and packaging. It is characterized by automated control and high quality to meet the growing market demands for these products.