Easy Export offers its clients a comprehensive range of high-quality services, establishing extensive communication and contact channels available 24/7. This enables clients to have real-time, moment-to-moment tracking of all the services we provide.

The dedicated team at Easy Export commits its efforts to deliver the best and finest export services swiftly, smoothly, and effortlessly. Our services include:

  1. Product Sourcing:
    • Easy Export assists clients in identifying product sources by understanding the importer’s needs, studying their requirements, and then selecting the most suitable source based on quality, production, and price.
  2. Best Pricing:
    • After carefully studying our clients’ requests and determining the desired prices, our team negotiates with producers to obtain the best prices. We then present a competitive set of prices from various sources for our clients to choose the supplier.
  3. Classification:
    • Easy Export works on accurately classifying the product based on the export country. With expertise in proper product classification, we minimize the risks of exporting products without licenses or paying incorrect import fees, which could lead to legal consequences.
  4. Trade Compliance:
    • Trade compliance is a primary goal for every importer to ensure knowledge of contracting companies with rules and regulations. Compliance enhances integrity and increases company standards. At Easy Export, we assist our clients in shaping a compliance program that protects their establishments.
  5. Contracts and Agreements:
    • Commercial contracts for international sales of certain products expected to be resold are used. Buyers may be merchants, importers, distributors, or wholesalers selling products to another company or merchant. Following safe practices of using written and legal export contracts, Easy Export provides advice to our clients on licenses and commercial agreements.
  6. Supervision until Receipt:
    • We, at Easy Export, ensure our clients’ products reach them with care and the expected quality. We organize regular visits to product manufacturing centers to monitor quality and ensure compliance with client specifications. We also verify quantities upon receipt and ensure the quality of packaging.
  7. Shipping:
    • Depending on the type of goods, specific shipping requirements must be met. At Easy Export, we carefully determine the best method to transport our clients’ goods and select appropriate container sizes. We also study the best shipping routes for the importer based on the point of receipt and delivery.
  8. Customs Clearance in Turkey:
    • To ensure a smooth and flexible export process, Easy Export, through our specialized team, tracks all customs clearance transactions. This includes preparing the required papers and documents, completing them with the client, and coordinating with them.