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Franchising / Exclusive Agency

we offer you in EASY EXPORT the advantage of giving franchises and exclusive agencies to all Turkish establishments in their various fields (restaurants, cafes, and all Turkish brands) to all countries of the world if available.

Production lines

Turkish production lines compete with the largest international and European production lines, and are even matched in quality and quality, which makes them the first choice for many industrialists around the world.


we provide our customers with more than one offer for the same product from more than one source, while facilitating and solving all obstacles or problems that the investor may face.


In EASY EXPORT, we provide you with a detailed study of the Turkish market needs and prices, and it also gives you, through its legal team, an overview of the laws related to import,


As agents of many major international shipping companies, we offer you the shipping service from Turkey to all countries of the world by all methods (sea - air - land) with the fastest and most appropriate prices

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • A team specialized in preparing feasibility studies.
  • Constant communication and continuous follow-up with our investors.
  • High quality professional services.
  • Competitive prices and speed of execution
  1. Analysing local markets and local prices
  2. Familiarize yourself with customs laws and legal matters in your country
  3. How to correctly write data about Turkish products
  4. Determine the mechanisms of the sales, storage and distribution process from the beginning
  5. The list of final products should be clear and must include all the details of the required product
  6. Conducting an economic feasibility analysis for the best goods to import from Turkey
  7. Contact a suitable Turkish factory
  8. Or you can contact us and save your time and effort
  • Turkish clothing, especially women’s clothing . Its embroidery, subtlety and artistry make it a successful import item.
  • Home appliances and electrical appliances such as Turkish trays, canned tableware, etc. are very popular in the commercial market.
  • Imported Turkish furniture is the most important Turkish commodity in the commercial market, such as bedding, embroidered bedspreads and quilts.
  • Food products such as meat, cheese, dairy products and canned food

We all know that in recent years,Turkey has become one of the strongest exporting countries in the world for several reasons, most importantly the devaluation of the currency, which had a positive impact on the export sector. The desire of investors to import from Turkey has also increased due to the quality of Turkish products, especially food products, such as agricultural products, animal products and industrial products, as Turkey became the best option for many customers due to its strategic location, which allows the tranposrtation of goods and products all over the world quickly and at a cheaper price than other countries.

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First of all, you have to determine your priorities. For example:

  1. Determine the type of machines that you are wishing to import. 
  2. Determine the production capacity of these machines 
  3. Determine the products you are wishing to produce.  
  4. Determining the special specifications of these machines (the energy used, gas, electricity, diesel… – specific measurements of the machines)
  5. Determine if you want used, refurbished or brand new machines

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